A Newcomer’s Perspective

Organizational culture is defined as: The values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization.

I had never given much thought to the culture of any workplace until I began my employment here at Poly-Wood. I was accustomed to grinding my day away in my little cubicle, socializing with a select few co-workers, and counting down the minutes to freedom.

In hindsight, I have always worked for corporations with strict ‘top-down’ management in authoritarian cultures, and this is a common system among a vast majority of businesses.

However, my transition from my previous employers to Poly-Wood was like going from ‘Office Space’ to ‘The Internship’.

I had a feeling I was going to love working for Poly-Wood before I even started. I did my research, asked questions, browsed through the website looking at the products I would be working with; but it was the Poly-Wood culture video that really captured me.

The work environment sounded amazing, I was very interested.

To my surprise, the interviews weren’t exactly what I had expected.

My abilities and capabilities were of course discussed, but the focus was directed more towards my personality and who I was as a person–making sure I would be a good fit for the team at Poly-Wood and they would be a good fit for me.

Once I was offered and accepted the position, I was able to see first-hand what Poly-Wood is all about. My first two weeks were spent in production learning the products and the processes they go through.


This also gave me a great opportunity to get to know the people on the floor. I was immediately impressed with how lean the manufacturing process is. A single “cell” or group was producing a complete chair every few minutes.

Not to mention, I took pride in working for a company that made their products utilizing recycled materials.

Me, at my new desk

In comparison to other companies I’ve worked for, this is what really stands out to me with Poly-Wood:

  • My co-workers are fun, friendly, professional. They are what makes the culture here so great.
    • We’re all motivated and driven by a common goal: making Poly-Wood successful. 
  • We have giant collaboration across all departments…yep, you read that correctly.
    • I work not only with the Engineering Department, but I’m also involved with other teams – it’s all about what I’m interested in and where I can be most helpful to the company.
    • Your personal opinion and ideas are accepted, no matter your position or title.
  • We’re encouraged to pursue personal health and fitness. 
    • We can take advantage of a company-paid gym membership, in addition to a beautiful custom kitchen which is stocked weekly with healthy foods and coolers filled with healthy, non-sugary drinks.
  • Have time to spare after lunch? Shoot some pool or play shuffleboard with co-workers!


All in all, Poly-Wood has exceeded my expectations.

I’m proud to be a part of a company that cares about its employees, their personal growth, as well as their health. I no longer wake up in the morning and feel like I have to go to work. For the first time since I can remember, I honestly look forward to it.

Interested in joining the Poly-Wood team? I asked our HR/Culture Team Manager, Ryan, to add his perspective…


In regards to recruiting, Poly-Wood takes a different approach.  First, we find someone who fits the culture and value this over skill or experience.  We can teach someone how to build furniture…yes, some are complex and take some practice, but we’re not building rockets. 

Someone who is self motivated, highly collaborative, and has initiative and drive will thrive at Poly-Wood.


How do we find who we are looking for?  We have a team of individuals even outside of HR who are constantly looking for great talent.  I ‘troll’ social media sites such as Linkedin (where we found Aaron) to reach out to top talent.


One question I commonly get asked is “What is it about the culture at Poly-Wood that makes it what it is?” – that is difficult to answer because you really have to experience it to believe it.  However, we realize applicants want more than a “just try it out” approach. Poly-Wood’s leadership is non-traditional and from a culture perspective we are structurally a very flat organization.

There is a large level of trust across departments. And, as Aaron alluded to, someone from HR can go talk to someone in creative marketing or account management about an Idea that is unrelated to HR, and not get the cold shoulder, or get in trouble for not going through the “traditional chain of command”.

Sure the flashy stuff like the Kitchen, Pool Table, Food, and Fitness are all cool, but any company could do that and not have the culture we do.

It really comes down to the Employees fitting into the organization.  We work Hard, but we sure have fun while we do.

Our IT team enjoying a meeting in the sunshine

Feel free to visit Polywoodjobs.com for more information and current openings.  Don’t see a job that fits your skills? Fill out a general application.  Many times we contact applicants even when we don’t have openings, to better get an understanding of who they are, and if they fit the culture. That way when we do have an opening, you have one foot in the door!

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