Coffee Break with Cass Elson

One muggy day in late August, Dannielle and I lugged a ton of film equipment over to our brand new 230,000 square ft. production facility on the other end of the Poly-Wood campus. Why would we do this? Because we wanted to interview Cass Elson for “Coffee Break”, of course.


Once we set up equipment and the cameras were rolling, Cass spilled the beans:

I like to drink my coffee with a lot of almond milk and a lot of sugar, to cover up all the coffee flavor.

After her not so dark secret was revealed, we pressed on. She began her career at Poly-Wood as a builder before quickly moving on to become a CNC operator. In May of 2016, just 1 year after she was hired, Cass was promoted to an Area Leader position.

I swooped in on that chance!

After work, Cass likes to unwind at home and hang out with her animals. She has 3 cats (Sinbad, Charles and Vinny) and a Doberman named Jaeger. Her cat Vinny was added to the family after our interview with Cass, which is why he doesn’t appear in the video below. Cass doesn’t shy away from the label of ‘animal lover’. She told us that she recently lost her keys which were attached to a cat lanyard…

The only reason why anybody knew that they were mine was because everybody knows I’m a crazy cat lady.

By the end of the interview, we had discussed everything from Cass’s taste in books and movies to her bold choice in foreign language studies. Check out the full interview with Cass Elson below:

Having trouble viewing the video? Follow this link!

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