Coffee Break with Jenny & Travis

More often than not, it’s helpful to see something from more than one perspective. That’s exactly what we were looking for when we poured some coffee and sat down with a one of the couples here at Poly-Wood: Jenny Neer and Travis Yoder.

They each work in two different areas, Jenny is our Data Integration Specialist and Travis is one of our Design Engineers, and are both great examples of how Poly-Wood looks to advance employees from within.


Jenny first worked in the Accounting Department here at Poly-Wood before leading our Data Team. In order to be considered for the new position, she had to pass an Excel spreadsheet test (where she actually ended up teaching her interviewer a couple Excel tricks).

Travis also began his career at Poly-Wood in a different department than where he works now. His first position was in our Shipping Department, then he moved to Production where he built furniture and also learned to operate the CNC machine. When the opportunity arose, the skills he learned on the CNC helped him get a job in our Engineering Department.

Travis 1
Travis in our Research & Development area

As well as being an Excel guru, Jenny is also one of our great cooks here at Poly-Wood. You may have seen some of her recent recipe blog posts: Winter Squash Carbonara and Taqueria Style Carne Asada Tacos. Every once in a while, Jenny and Travis will bring in pizza to share from a local place, Volcano’s Pizza (where they first met).

Here we are filming some footage of Jenny’s next recipe for Caramel Chicken (one of their kids’ favorites)

Throughout the year, we hold various contests among Poly-Wood employees. Most of the time, the prizes for winning are POLYWOOD Furniture…which has primarily ended up in Jenny and Travis’ backyard:


When they’re not at work (or constantly winning furniture) Jenny and Travis love spending time with their three kids (Acobie, Abby, and Gavin).

Jenny snapped this photo of their family on a recent trip to Warren Dunes.

Check out our full interview with Jenny & Travis below…

Thanks to Jenny & Travis for taking the time to talk to us!

If you have a Poly-Wood employee you’d like us to interview in the future, let us know in the comments. Until next time, enjoy your coffee breaks. 

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