Spring Cleaning Tips

Whether you’ve stored, covered, or left your POLYWOOD furniture out in the elements, it’s nice to freshen it up before breaking out the barbeques.

Luckily, cleaning our furniture is super easy!

The Quick Clean – also known as the ‘I have guests coming over! clean’

  • soap
  • warm water
  • clean cloth

The ‘Spring Clean’
This is great for any stubborn stains as well.

  • homemade mixture of 1/3 bleach and 2/3 water
  • clean cloth
  • soft bristle brush

Tip: wipe on the solution with your cloth and let it sit on the lumber for a few minutes (this will not affect the color). Then, loosen any dirt and debris that may catch in surface grooves with a soft-bristle brush; hose down to rinse.

The Ultimate ‘Spring Clean’

  • pressure power washer (not to exceed 1,500 psi)
  • soap and water (or homemade mixture of 1/3 bleach and 2/3 water)
  • soft bristle brush

The power washer will really help get into the texture of the lumber and the bristle brush can be used for any spots that might need extra attention.


Update! Here’s a side by side example from one of our customers who used the bleach/water solution:


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