Coffee Break with Shane Rodgers

A few months ago, Poly-Wood’s Chief Financial Officer took a moment out of his busy day to give us an interview for Coffee Break. It turns out, coffee is not his cup of tea. 

I’m not a coffee drinker, but I do start off every morning with a protein drink. I take it heavy on the protein with ice-cold water.

This powdery concoction isn’t my ideal morning beverage, but Shane swears by the stuff. Shane happens to be a bit of a fitness fanatic, and apparently it’s a good way to kickstart your morning. His wife, Jessica, recently gave birth to their first child, and he needs all the energy he can get these days.

Good or bad, my wife says he looks a lot like me. He’s not Shane Jr. by name, but he’s looking like a Shane Jr.


Next, we asked a question that’s necessary for any Coffee Break interview: What’s your pet situation? The answer does not disappoint.

I have twin Maltese puppies! Joey and Chandler. Like the show Friends.


Shane then went on to tell us about his first job, his fitness regimen and how buying cologne helped him to meet his wife. Watch the full interview below.

Having trouble viewing the video? Follow this link!

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