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Deep Seating

Outdoor Deep Seating

Ready to stretch out and unwind in the great outdoors? Invest in a cozy and cushioned POLYWOOD® deep seating chair or sofa that transports indoor comforts to the natural beauty of your backyard.

5 Items
  1. Vineyard 3-Piece Deep Seating Rocking Chair Set
    Vineyard Vineyard 3-Piece Deep Seating Rocking Chair Set
  2. Vineyard 3-Piece Deep Seating Set
    Vineyard Vineyard 3-Piece Deep Seating Set
  3. Riviera Modern Lounge Settee
    Riviera Riviera Modern Lounge Settee
  4. New! Riviera Modern Lounge 3-Piece Set
    Riviera Riviera Modern Lounge 3-Piece Set
  5. New! Braxton Deep Seating Settee
    Braxton Braxton Deep Seating Settee


Deep Relaxation with POLYWOOD®’s Outdoor Deep Seating

Sometimes, you just need a cushioned POLYWOOD® Deep Seating Sofa to relax in. You know those moments — you’ve just completed reseeding the lawn, or you’re taking a well-earned rest after a successful home improvement project. That’s when a regular chair just isn’t going to be enough. We’ve got you covered — luxuriously upholstered and built to last, our club chairs, ottomans, and deep-seating sets let you ease back and enjoy your break.

Key Features of POLYWOOD® Deep Seating

When you buy POLYWOOD® deep seating, you know that relaxation comes without compromising on quality. From the chair frame through to the support and upholstery, every aspect of POLYWOOD® furniture comes with the durability and craftsmanship you expect. From the earth tone frames to the cushions, POLYWOOD® finishes won’t stain or fade because of our Color-Stay Technology. Designed to be weather resistant and low maintenance, POLYWOOD® deep seating will look fantastic for years.

Imagine Sinking into a POLYWOOD® Deep Seat

Watching the Children Enjoy a Water Fight

You’ve just filled the paddling pool, and the air is full of the laughter of children. Your kids and their friends play, it’s a beautiful summer day, and you sit back to keep an eye on things. Even if some errant water comes your way, it doesn’t matter if it splashes over the upholstery. Mind you, your gasp of surprise at the chill of the water may not be optional!

Pondering What to do Next in the Yard

Your yard is never quite done. There are always more pots to be planted, more trimming to be done, a littler landscaping here and there. But, that can all wait until tomorrow. Now’s the time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Just remember to bring a notepad and pen, so you can sketch out your ideas.

Enjoying a Spot of Brunch

You managed to get your yard work done early, before the heat of the midday sun. It’s the perfect time for brunch. A pot of good, strong coffee, some freshly baked pastries, and the promise of a little nap are a great way to pass the rest of the morning. Sink back into your chair, put your feet up on the ottoman, and make the most of those quiet moments.