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Dining Tables

36 Items
  1. MOD 36" x 73" Dining Table
    MOD MOD 36" x 73" Dining Table
  2. 40" Harvest Dining Table
    40" Harvest Dining Table
  3. 78" Harvest Dining Table
    78" Harvest Dining Table
  4. Mini Harvest 28" Dining Table
    Nautic Café Mini Harvest 28" Dining Table
  5. Mini Harvest 28" x 58" Dining Table
    Nautic Café Mini Harvest 28" x 58" Dining Table
  6. MOD 30" Dining Table
    MOD MOD 30" Dining Table
  7. MOD MGP 30" Dining Table
    MOD MOD MGP 30" Dining Table
  8. 24" Round Dining Table
    24" Round Dining Table
  9. Nautical 31" Dining Table
    Nautical Nautical 31" Dining Table
  10. Kids Dining Table
    Kids Kids Dining Table
  11. Kids Picnic Table
    Kids Kids Picnic Table
  12. 24" Round Dining Table
    24" Round Dining Table


Outdoor Dining Tables

Serve up delicious meals and toast to good fortune in a stylish, contemporary setting. POLYWOOD® outdoor dining tables combine durable craftsmanship and timeless design to provide the ultimate spot to gather ‘round and break bread with friends and family.

Overview of Outdoor Dining Tables from POLYWOOD

Choose between a wide variety of sizes, styles, and color options to find the perfect match for your family. Our selection of patio and dining tables features clean lines and simple yet beautiful patterns to serve as a versatile foundation to any outdoor dining set.

24-inch dining tables provide a relaxed, cozy spot for brunch with your spouse, while a 78-inch outdoor dining table allows ample seating for your entire family. Choose from outdoor dining tables in many of our popular collections, including La Casa Café, Rustic Farmhouse, and Nautical.

Unique Features of POLYWOOD Outdoor Dining Tables

Constructed of sturdy HDPE lumber, POLYWOOD outdoor dining tables are built to withstand the harshest of nature’s elements year after year. When you invest in a POLYWOOD outdoor dining set your table won’t crack, rot, split, chip, or peel even after several summers in the sun and plenty of winters in the snow.

Our outdoor dining tables are engineered to be low-maintenance and easy to clean. In order to remove the occasional buildup of dust and grime simply mix mild soap with warm water and scrub gently with a soft-bristle brush.

How to Enjoy Your Dining Tables

Enjoy a sun-soaked breakfast seated at a circular dining table for two on your veranda, or squeeze in the extended family for a barbeque dinner by the pool. Either way, you can choose between neutral colors and Earth tones to bring your outdoor decor to life.

Outdoor Dining Set Buying Guide

Coordinating your purchase of outdoor dining chairs, benches, tables, and counters for serving can prove challenging. Take the stress out of your outdoor remodeling project by reading our guide — learn how to choose the perfect outdoor dining set for your space.