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Dining Tables

36 Items
  1. MOD 36" x 73" Dining Table
    MOD MOD 36" x 73" Dining Table
  2. 40" Harvest Dining Table
    40" Harvest Dining Table
  3. 78" Harvest Dining Table
    78" Harvest Dining Table
  4. Mini Harvest 28" Dining Table
    Nautic Café Mini Harvest 28" Dining Table
  5. Mini Harvest 28" x 58" Dining Table
    Nautic Café Mini Harvest 28" x 58" Dining Table
  6. MOD 30" Dining Table
    MOD MOD 30" Dining Table
  7. MOD MGP 30" Dining Table
    MOD MOD MGP 30" Dining Table
  8. 24" Round Dining Table
    24" Round Dining Table
  9. Nautical 31" Dining Table
    Nautical Nautical 31" Dining Table
  10. Kids Dining Table
    Kids Kids Dining Table
  11. Kids Picnic Table
    Kids Kids Picnic Table
  12. 24" Round Dining Table
    24" Round Dining Table


POLYWOOD® Dining Tables for Food in the Great Outdoors

Entertaining in your outdoor space centers around one thing — food. POLYWOOD® outdoor dining tables let you serve up delicious meals in a contemporary, stylish setting. Your guests will love the clean looks and beautiful designs of our dining tables. You’ll love the way they pair perfectly with our range of dining chairs. A range of colors in warm earth tones means POLYWOOD® dining tables look great in any outdoor space.

Key Features of POLYWOOD® Dining Tables

All POLYWOOD® furniture is built to be durable, comfortable, and delightful. Whether that’s our Color-Stay technology so your dining table won’t discolor or fade or weather resistance to keep your table looking fantastic. With food and drink comes the possibility of unwanted spillages — that’s easy to deal with too. POLYWOOD® outdoor dining tables are low maintenance, meaning all you need is a damp cloth and some mild soap for any cleanup.

Imagine Enjoying Your POLYWOOD® Dining Table

Brunch with the Family

Forget about work, chores, or responsibilities for a while and enjoy an outside brunch with your family. Celebrate time with your kids and your spouse with some relaxing moments on a weekend morning. POLYWOOD® dining tables are the perfect centerpiece for any type of family gathering, so break out the pancakes and waffles, and love your time together.

Games Night with Friends

Enjoy the simplicity of rolling dice and playing board games by inviting friends over for a games evening. POLYWOOD® dining tables are large enough for quite a crowd, so get the chips and dip, and learn who is a board game master. If you prefer your entertainment more digital, just bring out the TV and cheer on your favorite team.

Holding a Potluck

Potlucks are a great way to bring people together over shared interests and surprising food. Invite friends, neighbors or colleagues to enjoy your outside space, with a delicious dish as the price of entry. A POLYWOOD® outdoor dining table provides the perfect centerpiece to get people talking and finding out how much they have in common.