Potential Uses for Your Outdoor Space

You’ve cleared out the creaky plastic furniture, planted fresh new landscaping, and transformed your patio into a breathtaking beauty of stone and granite. It’s time for a full-on backyard remodeling project, but a blank slate can prove one of the most intimidating challenges in home design. Once you map out your outdoor space you may find several zones where you can choose to put outdoor … Continue reading Potential Uses for Your Outdoor Space

5 Ideas for Planning a Small Balcony

So you’ve ventured into the heart of a sprawling metropolis to chase your dreams and expand your horizons. The rent is higher, the traffic is louder, and the lawn is smaller. A lot smaller. Many city apartments have no yard space whatsoever, but if you’re lucky you can sign a lease that includes a modest outdoor balcony to decorate and furnish to your liking. Many … Continue reading 5 Ideas for Planning a Small Balcony

Comparing Deep Seating Styles

When it comes to outdoor rest and relaxation nothing can hold a candle to deep seating furniture. Our expertly crafted deep seating furniture is upholstered for maximum cushioning and support, providing hours of extended comfort whether you’re sharing tall tales around the fire or simply soaking in the view. POLYWOOD® deep seating furniture is available in many of our classic collections, but at first glance … Continue reading Comparing Deep Seating Styles

Our 5 Favorite Ways to Relax Outside

Patios and poolside dining tables are prime locations for cookouts, birthday parties, and other festive events, but you can’t constantly be in hosting mode. The great outdoors is just as inviting on your own, especially after a grueling week at the office or a non-stop weekend full of dance recitals, volleyball practices, and grocery shopping with the kids. Your backyard provides a natural escape from … Continue reading Our 5 Favorite Ways to Relax Outside


Introducing Vintage Finish

Since 1990, we’ve built outdoor furniture with our genuine POLYWOOD® lumber featuring a smooth, satin painted wood appearance — our Classic Finish. Fast forward almost 30 years later, and we’re thrilled to introduce a brand new finish! Vintage Finish Inspired by wire brushed textures, our new Vintage Finish has a subtle texture and richness of matte painted wood. Just like our Classic Finish, Vintage is made … Continue reading Introducing Vintage Finish

Style My Space Contest: Top 3 Finalists

We asked our followers to submit photos of their outdoor areas for a chance to win POLYWOOD furniture and a custom design for their space. Our three finalists Zoe, Judy, and Nancy each had a custom mood board designed for their space, and after a round of voting by our followers, the winner is Space #1 Zoe! Check out our curated looks for all three … Continue reading Style My Space Contest: Top 3 Finalists

Six Factors For Buying the Perfect Outdoor Deep Seating

Spending time outside is a great way to share our time with friends, family, and loved ones. When it comes to outdoor furniture, you need the perfect mix of style, durability, color, and quality. Choosing the right furniture adds flair and creativity to your patio, deck, or yard, but there’s one other factor to think about — comfort. When it comes to rest and relaxation, … Continue reading Six Factors For Buying the Perfect Outdoor Deep Seating

Create a Cozy, Small Space with Vineyard Deep Seating

We recently had the pleasure of styling a small, private deck with our Vineyard Deep Seating. The space was somewhat limited, but with its intention to be shared between two people, it was the perfect spot to create a conversational arrangement with two deep seating chairs. Assessing the Space When we spoke with the homeowners, they envisioned using the area in the morning to relax … Continue reading Create a Cozy, Small Space with Vineyard Deep Seating

6 Ways to Style Your Outdoor Coffee Table

Just because it’s outdoors doesn’t mean your living area has to be boring. You can—and should!—dress up your outdoor space with accessories and knick-knacks to make it more inviting. And, one of the places you should start? Your coffee table. That versatile piece of furniture serves as the focal point of an outdoor living space, and there are plenty of ways to add character to … Continue reading 6 Ways to Style Your Outdoor Coffee Table