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Porch Swings

4 Items
  1. Vineyard Adirondack 48" Swing
    Vineyard Adirondack 48" Swing
  2. Nautical 48" Swing
    Nautical Nautical 48" Swing
  3. Vineyard 60" Porch Swing
    Vineyard Vineyard 60" Porch Swing
  4. Vineyard Deep Seating Swing
    Vineyard Vineyard Deep Seating Swing


Swings for Relaxing in Style

There’s something luxurious about sitting in a swing. Perhaps it’s the gentle swaying, sinking back into piled cushions and letting out a deep sigh. However you choose to relax, POLYWOOD® ’s collection of swings helps you to love your quiet time. Solid construction pairs with a simple, elegant design to give you a beautifully safe way to watch the world go by.

Key Features of POLYWOOD® Swings

Our swings and gliders are built to last, whether that’s the chair itself or the chains, brackets, and fixtures. Although you’ll probably use the furniture on a covered porch, all POLYWOOD® products are completely weather resistant and durable. You don’t need to protect your swing or glider from the sun either — our Color-Stay technology keeps your furniture looking fantastic. They’re low maintenance too, just needing an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth and mild soap.

Imagine Enjoying Your POLYWOOD® Swing or Glider

Listening to Music

Sometimes you just want to kick back, close your eyes, put on some headphones, and lose yourself in a song or symphony. Sink back into your swing, turn the volume up a little, and let the world fall away. Let the rise and fall of the melody combine with the simple sway of the swing to transport you to other places.

Cuddling Up With the Cat or Dog

You know who loves a swing? Your dog or cat. Invite them up and they’ll happily snuggle as you enjoy a good book or quietly pass the time. With the wider swing sets they can really stretch out, perfect for a scratch behind the ears or a good belly rub.

Having a Great Conversation

When life is full of work and responsibilities, it can be tough to carve out some quality time. Pour a delicious drink, get some snacks, and sink into the swing with your significant other. They’re the perfect width for good conversation and maybe a cuddle or two!